MindShare has played a critical role in the commercialization of our personal cooling technology and provided a comprehensive branding package. Successfully crossing the valley of death and moving technology into production is a difficult task that takes funding, marketing, and the support of early adopters. MindShare has helped tremendously by raising the necessary funding, garnering support from key customers, and making us look good doing it. We look forward to a long-term relationship to help us well into the future.

β€”Dan Rini, President and CEO – RINI Technologies Inc.

We have a passion for helping emerging and established technology companies to get to market. We have assisted in the development and commercialization of defense technologies such as conductive plastics and composites and personal cooling systems; clean technologies such as micro and portable fuel cells, sterling engine generators, and nano materials for batteries; and information technologies systems such as modular data centers and liquid cooled computer systems. Our broad market exposure allows us to develop and execute go-to-market strategies and to help secure funding through non-dilutive capital.  



Innovative defense technologies are critical to our national security and often deliver significant economic impact in the private sector. As the threats on the battlefield evolve, so must the technologies that support the Warfighters of today and tomorrow. The United States and our allies must dominate the air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace to ensure the safety and stability of our nations and economies. Not only must the defense establishment and industry overcome current and emerging threats, success must be achieved in a challenging political and fiscal environment. New technologies, software, and systems must therefore to more with less, be more effective, efficient, responsive to human operators.

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Energy efficiency, security and independence have been hot federal, state, and political topics for many years for obvious reasons of economic motivation, national defense and environmental sustainability. A strong economy is tightly linked to energy consumption and efficiency. Reducing dependence on foreign oil is key to strong economics and a strong national defense. We must develop and adopt economically attractive and sustainable clean technologies for future generations to come. Our focus is on supporting dual-use technologies that serve a defense need but also have a clear path to commercial success. Securing non-dilutive capital is almost essential to  successfully commercialize highly capital intensive clean technologies.



The energy cost to operate data centers eventually outpaces the capital cost of facilities, equipment, installation, and maintenance combined. Many data centers spend millions per year on energy alone. This reality has driven many companies heavily dependent upon data center infrastructure to states with low cost and reliable power. Not all companies have the luxury of relocation and are straddled with a significant competitive disadvantage. Due to the cost of operating data centers, innovations are finding there way into the market such as net-zero data centers that generate their own renewable energy. Innovative energy and cooling technologies can lead to significant cost savings, creating profitable opportunities for for business in this space.  


Below are a few of our clients, we hope to add your logo to the list.