At MindShare we deliver tangible, measurable results to our clients by providing integrated strategic planning, business development, brand management, and the ability to secure non-dilutive capital. Increasing market share and achieving competitive advantage is challenging on many levels. We work collaboratively with our clients to meet and exceed company goals while providing the expertise when and where it is needed most. While our experience is applicable to a number of markets, we excel in the defense, cleantech, information, and consumer markets. Contact us to find out how we can succeed together.   


The greatest technologies in the world can't be sold without a solid business plan, actionable strategy and right team. Let us help you define and execute a winning go-to-market strategy, secure key partnerships, and win flagship customers accounts with minimal resource outlay. 


Your brand defines your company. A strong brand strategy must direct and positively influence your customers perceptions with clear communication, an understanding of the target market, and the ability to communicate your key value proposition in simple terms.  



The Valley of Death is not just a place of battles past, is a figurative land where technology and entrepreneurs dreams die on the vine. Whether you are seeking investment seed funding or non-dilutive capital, we have the expertise and connections to accelerate your efforts. 

Traditionally, we defined ourselves as a material supplier, MindShare helped redefine our business strategy and vertically integrate our supply chain to offer complete products and solutions based on our conductive materials.

-Nathan Hansen, President - Conductive Composites